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We Empower.

We empower people to become Contenders for God’s Goodness, Love & Power. We empower everyday people to engage in God’s Everyday Mission. We empower believers to have lives marked by Prayer, Presence & Power.


What’s a Vineyard Church?

We’re a Christian association of local churches, started in California in the 1970’s when young people simply didn’t fit culturally any more in their parents’ churches. So instead of robes and organs, it’s blue jeans and guitars.

That’s a simple answer that will elicit more conversation about our value for a relationship over religion, being naturally supernatural, and to encourage everyone to contend (“ministry” isn’t just for priests and clergy!)

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What’s Worship Like?

Vineyard Worship is interactive, aimed at cultivating an atmosphere for people to experience God. We believe in fellowshipping with Holy Spirit and interacting with Him through clapping, raising hands and kneeling in His presence. While these interactions may be new to you, they are outward expressions of being in the Presence of God. We believe in genuine worship that is devoted to bringing honor and praise to the Lord.

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Ministry Programs



Our purpose at Vineyard Kids is connecting kids to God and equipping them to be bold followers of Jesus Christ. We believe kids are a gift from God and are a part of God's plan in the kingdom. For these reasons, we are passionate about creating a program that explores and expresses their creativity as they learn more and more about who God really is.



SoKM continues to grow and hone the training experience for both students and ministry leaders. More than 50 churches and 1,000 leaders have equipped themselves through a program birthed right here in central Illinois. Discover how God uses everyday people to accomplish His everyday mission through this incredible ministry training program!



Prayer has the power to change things in life and in your life.  We have various gatherings centered around Prayer.  Sunday morning pre-service prayer, post-service prayer, Wednesday morning prayer, and a team of people that pray throughout the week for the various needs of our family.

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“We must carry the Presence of God wherever we go.”

Ed Loughran / Lead Pastor 

If You’re New…
What to Expect

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Our Sunday service starts at 10 a.m. The atmosphere is relaxed, the coffee is free and dress is casual. The talks are pertinent and the worship music is modern and we often feel God’s presence moving through music. We have a wonderful children's program, with a Nursery for ages 3 months through 4 years, and a youth ministry for students. Visit our Community Room/Café for some coffee and good conversation in one of our many comfortable seating areas. You can even find a couch and watch the service live from there if you choose.

As for any “dress code,” well, we’re pretty casual – so no need to dress formally unless you prefer that. The important thing to know is that when it comes to what God cares about (our heads and hearts), well-worn jeans are as good as a tailored linen suit. And again…when you arrive, help yourself to a hot cup of coffee!

We’ll spend the first half hour with all the kids and adults together in a wonderful format one might describe as “prayerful singing.” We typically call it “worship” because the lyrics of the songs often describe God’s personality and nature as revealed through history, the Bible, and in the day-to-day experiences of contemporary song writers.

You’ll see a few people bowing their heads, others raising their hands and other just closing their eyes and unplugging from the chaos of the week. It supposed to be a sweet form of communion with God, not just singing.

Next, the sermon, is typically part of a study progression through a particular book, letter or biography from the Bible. We are acutely aware, however, that we are not “preaching to the choir” (we don’t even have a choir!). Some of us are committed Christians who have been students of the Bible for some time, while others are new enough to Christianity that the Bible is still imposing and a bit confusing. Therefore, we try hard to make the sermons free of religious language, simple in their thrust, culturally relevant, and not just informational, but (please God!) actually transformational.

Regarding the celebration of Communion – also known as “the Eucharist” by our Catholic and Episcopal friends – we celebrate that ancient and beautiful sacrament together on the third Sunday of every month.

Are there any restrictions on who can take Holy Communion? No and yes. We let anyone come to the “Lord’s Table” regardless of religious standing, denominational affiliation, age, etc. We do ask, however, that each person understand that the Apostle Paul said we are “proclaiming the Lord’s death” (1 Cor. 11:26) and resurrection when we receive the bread & wine, so Communion is for those who are willing to essentially vote/agree with their feet(!).


Just Try It.

From Vineyard Kids to Sunday Dinners, to help in the Sound Booth, we always need more help. All you need is a willing heart. It takes all kinds of talents to make this place so terrific! We’re asking you to just TRY IT!

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Giving @ Legacy

Through the Bible, He gives us wisdom for living life abundantly, which we define according to 2 Corinthians 9:8: “We will always have everything we need and plenty left over to share/give.”

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