10 Reasons to Give to God


Giving is…

1.     An opportunity to experience joy. God is a giver. Anytime we imitate God and do the works that He does, e.g., share our faith, forgive another person who has sinned against us, pray for a sick person, or give financially, we are tapping into the very life and being of God. People who hoard never have an opportunity to experience God’s life. Only givers can experience the joy of God.

 2.     An opportunity to show gratitude to God. God has blessed each one of us with a variety of blessings: material well-being, family, church, work, health, etc. How many other ways do we really have to say “thank you” to God other than to return to Him a portion of what He has given us? Simply stated, giving is an opportunity for us to say to God, “Thank You!”

3.     An opportunity to participate in all the ministries of a large church. Churches are involved in a wide number of ministries that no one person could, by themselves, do or invest time in. No one of us could do all this alone, but a person who gives here has an opportunity to participate in all the ministries of the Vineyard.

 4.     An opportunity to practically acknowledge our view of life. Either the money that we control is ours, which is a secular world view, or all of our money belongs to God. True, only a portion of our time and only some of our money will be specifically designated for God and for His church, but all the rest ought to be dedicated to Him, used according to His will, and devoted to things that honor Him. 

5.    An opportunity to support what we believe in. One of the best ways for a person to support a cause that they believe in is to give money to that cause. Political organizations and various groups supporting certain rights (abortion rights, gay rights, freedom in the arts) certainly understand the importance of financing. Of course financial giving is not the only way to support something. Giving our time, praying for that cause, and supporting it with encouragement are all other valid ways to support a cause; but giving financially is certainly one major way to support what we believe in.

6.     An opportunity to be free from financial anxiety. Many people are anxious about their financial futures because they haven’t learned about the paradoxical nature of the Christian life. People who hold tightly to their money will be in bondage to financial concerns. People who open their hands freely in giving will experience emotional liberty in financial matters. Jesus was not a wealthy man, yet he was a man who had tremendous financial peace.

7.     An opportunity to pay for services that we and our families receive. It is an extraordinary thing that many of us receive services such as counseling, training for our children, teaching, and opportunities to participate in ministry and yet allow others to pay for the services we receive. Someone is picking up the bill for the lights, heat, pastoral salaries, rent, and materials that we all enjoy. If you are able to financially give, and almost everyone in the Legacy Vineyard is able to give, and you are not, then someone is paying the freight for you.

8.     An opportunity to receive financial blessing from God. God challenges us to put Him to the test. He says in Malachi 3, “Bring the whole tithe into the storehouse that there may be food in My house. Test Me in this, says the Lord Almighty, and see if I will not throw open the floodgates of heaven and pour out so much blessing that you will not have room enough for it.” In many ways, I am hesitant to call attention to this great and awesome promise of God for financial blessing, yet the truth of my own experience is this: I have never met a tither whom God has not provided for financially. This promise from the book of Malachi is one of those promises that God is very quick to fulfill. Tithing does produce financial blessing from God!

9.     An opportunity to store up treasure in heaven. God takes note of everything we do in secret for Him such as our secret prayer, our secret fasting, or our secret giving (Mt. 6).  Whether there is a huge payoff here on earth (the book of Malachi tells us there is an earthly payoff) there will certainly be a heavenly payoff for those who give financially toward the work of God’s kingdom.

10. An opportunity to give beyond me and my own family.  “Us four…no more”, “God bless me…that’s as far as I can see” is not what Christianity is about. If the only thing I pay for is my own children’s Christian school, or things that directly bless me such as my own home furnishings, or my own family and my friends, then Jesus says I am no better than the Gentiles. Non-Christians pay for their own children’s education and give generously to their friends and family besides. Christian giving is different because it involves sowing beyond ourselves and our own circle.

Jessica Olivito